And So It Begins …. Changsha International Sculpture Festival sculptors start sculpting

Carole Turner_Sang_Jorg_Miguel_Changsha web

Yesterday we visited our work site. In the middle of Yanghu Wetland Park, we will create our sculptures on a grassy field surrounded by beautiful vegetation and water bodies, and even the lovely Egret Tower pagoda as a photo backdrop. We have great facilities, catering, and lots of enthusiastic volunteers from three universities to translate for us. We had sent models for our sculptures ahead of our arrival and some sculptors arrived on site to find their works finished, or almost finished. The work was very good, thanks to Yixin Lei’s superb crew. My sculpture was to have been 50% completed before my arrival, but there was a problem with the stone as they were carving it. I had specified red granite and the sculpture will be assembled of various pieces. New stone was ordered and it was on the field. Unfortunately, it also had serious faults and would not be useable. But the good news is that they will order new stone for me – this time a darker red sandstone, which is actually better for my project. In the meantime, I will work on some clay projects – after all, I have a lot of time, and at least one assistant…..

My original 3 granite stones


Changsha International Sculpture Festival Opening Ceremonies

Carole Turner_Miguel Isla Changsha rehearsal web

The Opening Ceremonies for the Changsha International Sculpture Festival were spectacular. It was so well choreographed, with so many singers and dancers and presenters, and need for video synch and set changes, that we had to be there the night before for a rehearsal. The particular round stage setup, the huge, semi-circular jumbo-tron video screen back drops, and the sound and lighting would be right at home at a stadium rock concert. In front of a large audience We walked onto the stage, two by two, from the rear of the stage, between the parting twin video backdrops that displayed huge photo of each artist and their works as they entered. After we were presented to the    audience, and presented with flowers, and were seated, the show continued with quite a video presentation highlighting each sculptor’s country, excerpts of filmed interviews with us, and more. If you saw the 2008 Beijing Olympics opening ceremonies …. think video of that caliber.

     Before the ceremony, we were invited by the Mayor of Changsha, Hu Henghua, to a very official meeting, followed by a very official dinner attended by the many invited officials and dignitaries from Changsha and Hunan Province, and perhaps beyond.

Still jet-lagged, but with such an exuberant welcome by the organizers and the people of Changsha, we are excited to get to work on the monumental sculptures that we will create in the next 7 weeks.

Ceremony Opens...First Singer with dancers

“Windsong” in China

6th Annual International Stone Carving Competition

Hui’an, China
September/October 2011

Invited to participate in the 6th China (Hui’an) Carving Festival and International Stone Carving Competition, held in Fujian Province. Hui’an is famous for its stone industry – stone and carving expertise and artisans.

One of 15 sculptors from 15 different countries, and 35 sculptors from China. The event is sponsored by the Sculpture Professional Committee of China and the government of Hui’an County, and is organized by the Chinese Sculpture Magazine (the first sculpture magazine in China) and Hui’an Carving Art Institute. The theme of the event was “Stone’s whisper in sea wind.”

Wind Song, is white granite on a black granite base. It measures 250cm x 150cm x 110cm.