First News Conference for the China (Changsha) International Sculpture Art Festival

Changsha first conference

The 2014 China (Changsha) International Sculpture Art Festival is to be commenced on September 15. Twenty-one well-known sculptors from 17 countries are invited to the event to showcase their sculpture art in Changsha.

The sculptors include Lei Yixin, Wu Weishan, and Xiao Xiaoqiu from China, Carole Turner from the USA, and Pasquale Martini from Italy. From September 15 through October 30, the sculptors will jointly create sculpture works in Yanghu Lake Wetland Scenic Area of Xiangjiang New District, a landmark of Changsha’s development of resource-saving and environment-friendly society.

Themed “Urban spirit, urban culture, and urban creation”, the festival is the first sculpture-oriented international cultural exchange event organized by Changsha.

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Translator: Lv Xuefen

Chinese source:;;


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