My stone

This is not my stone……


my stone — bringing it down from the quarry above

shaping the stone — this stone is very hard and must be carved with water…


Arrival at Boryeong

In Korea for the Boryeong Black Sandstone Sculpture Project

September 6 – October 6, 2010


Giorgie Cpajak, Serbia/Italy  **  Liu Yang, China  **  Carole Turner, U.S.A.  **  Salah Hamad, Egypt

Park Soo Kwang, Korea  **  Choe So Dong, Korea  **  Kim Tae Jung, Korea  **  Eo Ho Sun, Korea


The view from our hotel:

Entrance to Bochang Company


Entering Bochang


Stones everywhere!

We all searched for stones — here and in the quarry above

Beautiful view from our hilltop work site

Still looking for stones

The road leading up to the quarry

Jindo “guard” dogs

Truck wash — many trucks everyday left with loads from the quarry — each one stopped here as they exited and water jets automatically washed the underside of the trucks

Always happy with my morning travel “cup” of coffee as we left for work site