Carving in Egypt 2009

My late arrival from Korea meant the 4 week symposium was now a 3 week symposium for me.  And I needed to replace my big grinder – another day’s delay.  It was fun to see everyone’s progress, but I needed to get busy!

My Stone -- Day One

My stone,   230 cm.  Look in the background — desert — and it’s HOT!  But in the other direction is the Mediterranean Sea, easy walking distance.  A city is being built around us.  Well, a very large resort that will be more like a town.  The finished sculptures will be sited there.

My name

Grinder arrived.

Time to flip the stone.  We only needed the big crane a few times because we had an army of construction workers all over the place and had daily use of Cats and lifting devices – usually at night.  One of the drivers was amazing with his lifting prowess with this bucket.

We had continual cleanup …. no standing on stones – yay!

Turkish coffee — well, coffee with the Turks.  Our own little coffee shop.  By the end, we had quite a set up.

Stone’s up — back to work.  Don’t let the long sleeves fool you, it was so hot I was trying to keep the sun off.