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Erciyes International Snow Sculpture Symposium

Kayserie, Turkey  ~  February 2012


Carole TURNER   ~   Kemal TUFAN (Turkey*)   ~   Beata ROSTAS (Hungary*)

* “Americans”  for one week ;)

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6th Annual International Stone Carving Competition

Hui’an, China
September/October 2011

Invited to participate in the 6th China (Hui’an) Carving Festival and International Stone Carving Competition, held in Fujian Province. Hui’an is famous for its stone industry – stone and carving expertise and artisans.

One of 15 sculptors from 15 different countries, and 35 sculptors from China. The event is sponsored by the Sculpture Professional Committee of China and the government of Hui’an County, and is organized by the Chinese Sculpture Magazine (the first sculpture magazine in China) and Hui’an Carving Art Institute. The theme of the event was “Stone’s whisper in sea wind.”

Wind Song, is white granite on a black granite base. It measures 250cm x 150cm x 110cm.

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10th Annual International Sculpture Symposium

Buyukcekmece (Istanbul), Turkey
     June/July 2011

“Dream Cloud,” a 4 meter tall stainless steel sculpture in Istanbul, is a series of connected spheres atop a pyramidal obelisque. The spheres, some large, some small, some perforated, all with different textures, overlap each other in a cloud formation and turn softly with the wind. The spheres represent dreams – perhaps a dream held since childhood, new dreams, changing dreams – some that have come true, some given up on, some we are actively pursuing, some are just in the back of our minds. They may change in order and scope with changes in our lives but they are all still there somewhere, and they can come true.

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International Sculpture Symposium

Mehmels Germany

June 2011

“Monarch” (caterpillar woman) was carved of travertine and is 150cm.  Pre-chrysalis, she is ready to continue her transformation.  And fly.

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20th International Stainless Steel Sculpture Symposium
Toluca, Mexico
April/May 2011

“Passages,”, created in Toluca, Mexico of stainless steel, is 305cm x 220cm x 180cm. A series of doors or portals that are all connected, represent personal and literal passages and that we are continually tested and changed through life events that transform us – and our choices as to how to respond and move forward.

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Puerto de Arte International Sculpture Symposium

San Martin, Argentin

October 16 – 24, 2010

It was springtime in October in Argentina.  Primavera in marble was inspired by all things spring, including the many seeds and pods and sprouts I encountered in the area.  This stone split into three parts due to cracks, so this is actually two pieces joined together with a pin.  It is the first large scale version of  a series of “wrapped” sculptures, and measures 140 x 80 x 60 cm.

This was a quick visit and carve – only 8 days.

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Insadong — this girl held this “Please Comfort Me” sign as people walked by and a few stopped to hug her.  Then she slowly, somberly proceeded through the crowd….

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This is not my stone……


my stone — bringing it down from the quarry above

shaping the stone — this stone is very hard and must be carved with water…

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In Korea for the Boryeong Black Sandstone Sculpture Project

September 6 – October 6, 2010


Giorgie Cpajak, Serbia/Italy  **  Liu Yang, China  **  Carole Turner, U.S.A.  **  Salah Hamad, Egypt

Park Soo Kwang, Korea  **  Choe So Dong, Korea  **  Kim Tae Jung, Korea  **  Eo Ho Sun, Korea


The view from our hotel:

Entrance to Bochang Company


Entering Bochang


Stones everywhere!

We all searched for stones — here and in the quarry above

Beautiful view from our hilltop work site

Still looking for stones

The road leading up to the quarry

Jindo “guard” dogs

Truck wash — many trucks everyday left with loads from the quarry — each one stopped here as they exited and water jets automatically washed the underside of the trucks

Always happy with my morning travel “cup” of coffee as we left for work site


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Thanks to Monica at Giddyupdesign.com for updating the  “International & U.S. Projects” page of  TurnerStudio.com !!  Now when you click on a photo it opens a larger image with information.


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